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We are proficient at inscriptions of many faiths and cultures. Ask our sales staff for more information.

If you don’t see your language here, please contact us and we will be able to help you.

Our finished products are long lasting and we are proud to be using premium quality granite gold leaf for inscriptions and all other materials.

Inscription Guide Verses, Psalms etc.

  • Deep in our hearts a memory is kept of the one we loved and will never forget.
  • Safe in the arms of Jesus.
  • You had a smile for everyone, You had a heart of gold, You left the sweetest memories this world could ever hold.
  • The Lord’s peace will be with you always.
  • A loving mother/father, so gentle and kind, so many happy memories she/he leaves behind.
  • The pages of life’s book are filled with our memories, as we turn the pages day by day.
  • Gone to tend God’s garden.
  • The flowers and leaves may wither, the evening sun may rest, but the hearts that loved you dear are the ones that never forget.
  • Away in the beautiful somewhere.

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