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Standard Monuments

We offer a wide variety of standard designs from a basic headstone to a family chapel in granite or marble. Our experienced consultants are here to assist you with a selection from our stock range or to visit your home with a catalogue and samples, helping to personalise your choice of monument with the right accessories. Granite comes in many colours and textures and being a natural product from the ground no two pieces are alike, assuring that this final tribute to your loved ones is as individual as they were.

We provide a prototype showing how your inscription will look. Our tradesmen will install the monument with absolute care and respect at your designated location.

Customised Monuments

For those who desire an original tribute to the loved one, something as simple as a name etched into a river rock to be washed away over time by the water, to the larger than life Iron Ore tribute to Lang Hancock displayed presently at Hillarys.

Our craftsmen are familiar with both traditional and modern methods of stone masonry. Some of our more senior craftsmen having been in the trade 30 years or more, are imparting their skills and knowledge to our younger tradesmen who are learning today’s technology.

We are one of the few remaining firms to continue with the art of lead inscription process. Our traditional craftsmen are very skilled and we still, when occasion arises, use hand carving keeping the old methods alive.

The range of services that we can offer are embraced by many cultures, from the elaborate and beautifully detailed design of the Asian communities to the simple dignified bronze plaque at the foot of a tree as a loving reminder.

Feel free to contact us to discuss any of your requirements or to arrange a viewing at our showroom.